Saturday, September 19, 2009

365 card challenge - Day 200 - It's What Inside that Counts

The inside of your card, that is ... Here's the theme: I Miss You
On the inside of the card, there should be a message with those words or something similar.
On the front of the card, there should be an image that adequately conveys that message without a sentiment on the outside.

My card is very simple -- a little dog very sad -- the "wag-o-meter" is very low because he is missing you. The dog, wag-o-meter and miss you on the inside of the card is brown cardstock and the card base is beige card stock. The lighting is very bad since you cannot tell the colors that I used. I used the Cricut "Paper Pups" cartridge for this.

inside of card

Thanks for looking at this card.

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